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Granted, rocket-propelled shoes might come in handy sometimes, but running is more than just speed. Be they for marathons, sprints or obstacle races – with the women's running shoes by PUMA the only limits that exist are the ones in your head. As you run, you'll enjoy a clear mind, hear your pulse beating and feel your adrenaline pushing you through those final meters. PUMA running shoes for women are aerodynamic running miracles, optionally with spikes, have feather-light soles or feel like socks. The futuristic sneakers will also withstand excessive shopping sprees.
  • Black (46)
  • gray (6)
  • Blue (1)
  • Green (3)
  • Orange (2)
  • tan (1)
  • Yellow (5)
  • Purple (1)
  • Pink (6)
  • White (10)

UltraRide Women's Running Shoes 4062453207135

UltraRide Women's Running Shoes 4063697865440

Calibrate Mono Trainers 4063696525536

Calibrate Mono Trainers 4063696525666

Calibrate Mono Women's Trainers 4063696526182

Calibrate Mono Women's Trainers 4063696526298

SOFTRIDE Vital Femme Shimr Women's Running Shoes 4062453221544

INTERFLEX Running Shoes 4062453284839

Calibrate Trainers 4063696525260
S$ 229.00

Calibrate Trainers 4063696525130
S$ 229.00

Calibrate Women's Trainers 4063696526038

Calibrate Women's Trainers 4063696525895

UltraRide Women's Running Shoes 4062453196392

SOFTRIDE Rift Tech Women's Running Shoes 4062453228994

HYBRID Fuego Knit Women's Running Shoes 4062453253583