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Training & Gym

For indoor practice or competition, be it handball, volleyball or basketball – good team-sports shoes are the be all and end all. They provide reliable support with every step, reducing the risk of injury. PUMA training shoes for men have a non-marking rubber sole that gives you sufficient security and stability thanks to optimal grip, especially for sprints, jumps and abrupt movements. Sneaker, training shoe or team-sports shoe – the upper is always breathable and hard-wearing, meaning they'll still be comfortable when the game goes to overtime.
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PUMA x FIRST MILE LQDCELL Method Men's Training Shoes 4063697881006

LQDCELL Method Men's Training Shoes 4063697909311

FUSE Men's Training Shoes 4063697885875

FUSE Men's Training Shoes 4063697887671

LQDCELL Method Men's Training Shoes 4062453198402

Optic Pax LQDCELL Training Shoes 4062453306180

Jaab XT PWR Men's Training Shoes 4062451453039