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Granted, rocket-propelled shoes might come in handy sometimes, but running is more than just speed. Be they for marathons, sprints or obstacle races – with the women's running shoes by PUMA the only limits that exist are the ones in your head. As you run, you'll enjoy a clear mind, hear your pulse beating and feel your adrenaline pushing you through those final meters. PUMA running shoes for women are aerodynamic running miracles, optionally with spikes, have feather-light soles or feel like socks. The futuristic sneakers will also withstand excessive shopping sprees.
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Softride Vital Repel Women's Running Shoes 4063699732269 S$ 99.00
Softride Vital Repel Women's Running Shoes 4063699712254 S$ 99.00
INTERFLEX Modern Running Shoes 4064535079821 S$ 69.00
INTERFLEX Modern Running Shoes 4064535079579 S$ 69.00
Flyer Running Shoes 4064533930117 S$ 79.00
Flyer Flex Running Shoes 4064533411869 S$ 79.00
Flyer Running Shoes 4064533934405 S$ 79.00
XETIC Halflife Trainers 4063699705973 S$ 189.00

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SOFTRIDE Rift Women's Running Shoes 4062453221100 S$ 75.00