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Granted, rocket-propelled shoes might come in handy sometimes, but running is more than just speed. Be they for marathons, sprints or obstacle races – with the women's running shoes by PUMA the only limits that exist are the ones in your head. As you run, you'll enjoy a clear mind, hear your pulse beating and feel your adrenaline pushing you through those final meters. PUMA running shoes for women are aerodynamic running miracles, optionally with spikes, have feather-light soles or feel like socks. The futuristic sneakers will also withstand excessive shopping sprees.
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Speed 500 Women's Running Shoes 4060978966643
S$ 79.00
S$ 199.00
SOFTRIDE Rift Women's Running Shoes 4062453221100
SOFTRIDE Rift Women's Running Shoes 4062453202093
Deviate NITRO Women's Running Shoes 4063698078917
Eternity NITRO Women's Running Shoes 4063697825420
Velocity NITRO Women's Running Shoes 4063699672619
Velocity NITRO Women's Running Shoes 4063699669602
Flyer Running Shoes 4060979880986
S$ 55.00
S$ 79.00
Flyer Running Shoes 4060979877757
S$ 55.00
S$ 79.00
FLYER Runner Mesh Running Shoes 4063699695465
Enzo 2 Women's Running Shoes 4062453253453
S$ 89.00
S$ 129.00
Flyer Runner Femme Women's Running Shoes 4063699674637