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Caps & Headwear


The stylish caps and hats by PUMA for men not only offer you protection against sun, wind and weather during training, but are also perfect for leisure. Do you like classic men's caps with the PUMA logo and the cat, or rather a modern street style? Or would you like to wear your favourite motorsport and football team on your head? You 're sure to find your favourite among the colourful selection of baseball caps. And the cool beanies look great and keep your ears warm even on colder days.
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Essentials Cap 4060981735892
PUMA x BALMAIN Cat Beanie 4062451959340
PUMA x BALMAIN Beanie 4062451957124
PUMA x ADRIANA LIMA Beanie 4062451881658
PUMA x JAHNKOY Cap 4062451913502
PUMA x KARL LAGERFELD Beanie 4062449194487
PUMA x KARL LAGERFELD Beanie 4062449194456
Essentials Cap 4056204300978
S$ 19.00
Essentials Running Cap 4060981735137
Style Fabric Cap 4060981735489
Suede Flat Brim Cap 4060981756743
S$ 15.00 S$ 35.00
Golf Men's P Snapback Cap 4059504719310
Driver Men's Golf Cap 4060978184887
Running Cap III 4056204301944
Online Exclusive Quickview
Running Cap III 4059506121227
Online Exclusive Quickview
Manchester City 125 Year Anniversary Cap 4062449645781
Metal Cat Cap 4060981732976
Essentials Cap 4060981735656
Essentials Cap 4060981735625
PUMA x CTM Cap 4062449517637
S$ 35.00 S$ 55.00
Man City Team Cap 4060981894483
Flatbrim Cap 4060981732433
S$ 19.00 S$ 29.00
Flatbrim Cap 4060981732563
S$ 19.00 S$ 29.00
BMW M Motorsport Cap 4060981988946
S$ 25.00 S$ 39.00
Ferrari Fanwear Cap 4060981989288
Style Fabric Cap 4060981735496
S$ 19.00 S$ 29.00
Golf Men's P Snapback Cap 4060981732730
PUMA x DIAMOND Baseball Cap 4060978189899
S$ 25.00 S$ 49.00
CELL Cap 4060981734994
S$ 19.00 S$ 35.00
PUMA x HAN KJØBENHAVN Cap 4060978186935
S$ 29.00 S$ 59.00
PUMA x LES BENJAMINS Cap 4060978182203
S$ 39.00 S$ 59.00
PUMA Woven Running Visor 4060978185716
S$ 13.00 S$ 19.00
Metal Cat Cap 4059504716395
Metal Cat Cap 4060978178237
Metal Cat Cap 4056207606916
Stretchfit Baseball Cat Cap 4059504722075