The PUMA SG City Tees Collection features five unique local elements, namely, the Old School Calendar, CCTV Chilli Crab, Gem Cookie, the ‘Orh’ tee and the Shop House. These signature dishes, local lingos and iconic landmarks, have formed our Singapore story which holds a deep place in our hearts and our childhood moments. Beyond these beautiful exteriors, peculiar taste and foreign terms, these traditions bring a sense of community and joy that Singaporeans will always be proud of.
The PUMA Store
There's more to this line of shophouses than its colourful façade. Singaporeans would explore these spaces to indulge in their traditions and also to have a good capture of all these colours in their memory. PUMA pays tribute to the shophouses that make up the foundation of Singapore’s architectural fabric.
Gem Cookie
This adorable small cookie is a gem. Just like its shape, it is a childhood snack that Singaporeans deeply enjoy. Popping one into our mouths would light up our day as we take a trip down the memory lane.
CCTV Chili Crab
Singaporeans take pride in all their local traditions such as the Chili Crab and it is something that holds a deep place in our heart. This t-shirt reflects Singapore’s renowned food culture and pays tribute to the dish that is iconic to Singapore.
The term Singaporeans use when they understand and acknowledge something. This word may seem foreign to others, but it is widely used by Singaporeans on a daily basis. It brings about simplicity in answering questions and can be applied in different tones such as with an exclamation mark!
Old School Calendar
Some may regard this as a normal calendar, but to Singaporeans, this traditional calendar has been passed from generation to generation as a shared memory. With this, PUMA hopes to create the feeling of nostalgia and allow you to reminisce on Singapore’s evolution throughout the years.