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Based in Milan and Shanghai, PRONOUNCE is more than a designer brand incorporating influence from both East and West. The debut of PUMA x PRONOUNCE takes inspiration from Puma Punku, the mysterious archaeological site in western Bolivia. Product designs take cues from the unique rock structures, with an earthy color palette, playful rope graphics, and geometric prints. PRONOUNCE is also the first Chinese designer who as a guest designer to hold a fashion show in Pitti Uomo in Florence, their magic mixture of old and new is the DNA of the brand.

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PRONOUNCE Mayú Suede Women's Trainers 4063699900545
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Women's Trousers 4063699021554
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Graphic Tee 4063699019766
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Graphic Women's Tee 4063699019155
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Graphic Tee 4063699023152
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Women's Dress 4063699020779
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Graphic Men's Tee 4063699021271
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Women's Dress 4063699019827
PUMA x PRONOUNCE 7/8 Men's Sweatpants 4063699021714
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Men's Track Jacket 4063699020168
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Graphic Men's Tee 4063699021394
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Messenger Bag 4064533088122
PUMA x PRONOUNCE Five-Panel Cap 4064533835542