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A scientific advancement by human and machine : calculated cushioning by PUMA. Calibrate Runner is powered by XETIC technology and coded in a language of its own — with meticulously tested cushioning, conceived and fine tuned in a lab for the techiest streetwear collectors. What you see is what you get: compression in all the right places for step in comfort and data proven design. XETIC cushioning is a modified combination of structure and foam, proven among hundreds of virtual patterns to be the most efficient for comfort and rebound The end result: visible cushioning technology that compresses as you step for infinite comfort. Straight from the lab, into the future.
  • Black (4)
  • gray (3)
  • Blue (1)
  • Green (1)
  • White (3)

Calibrate Mono Trainers 4063696525536

Calibrate Mono Trainers 4063696525666

Calibrate Mono Women's Trainers 4063696526182

Calibrate Mono Women's Trainers 4063696526298

Calibrate Restored Winterised Trainers 4063696633354

Calibrate Restored Winterised Trainers 4063696633125

Calibrate Restored Trainers 4063696633699

Calibrate Restored Trainers 4063696633552

Calibrate Trainers 4063696525260
S$ 229.00

Calibrate Trainers 4063696525130
S$ 229.00

Calibrate Women's Trainers 4063696526038

Calibrate Women's Trainers 4063696525895