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Mile Rider

The Mile Rider is ready to take you miles away – and on to the next adventure. Geared for the sporty and spontaneous, this kick stands out with retro-inspired branding, ultra-comfortable cushioning, and bold pops of color.
  • Black (3)
  • Pink (1)
  • White (2)

PUMA x CENTRAL SAINT MARTINS Mile Rider Women's Trainers 4062452962295

Mile Rider Sunny Getaway Women's Sneakers 4062453800039

Mile Rider Sunny Getaway Women's Sneakers 4062453800473

PUMA x MR DOODLE Mile Rider Women's Trainers 4062452989162
Final Reduction
Prime Time Bucket Bag 4062453784551
S$ 49.00
S$ 69.00

Mile Rider Women's Sling Pouch 4062453782298
S$ 35.00
S$ 49.00